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Can't unlock samsung s8 - android - from vodafone network while abroad

2: Seeker

So I have moved abroad. I'm about a thousand KMs away from the UK. While I lived in the UK, I got a pay monthly contract and a samsung galaxy s8.
I have foolishly thought in XXI century simlocking is a thing of a past. But I was shocked to discover I can't use my phone when I inserted a simcard from abroad (lets call it SIM A). 

The message would just say : SIM network PIN blocked. Enter SIM network PUK.
1) It was like that from the start, without me inserting or trying any PIN number

2) The PIN nor the PUK code from the SIM A didn't work at all.

3) I requested a NUC. Didn't work either.

4) I went to the local shop from my SIM A network provider. They deducted the phone is simlocked and they can't do anything.

5) I contacted the vodafone live chat. I was given 2 different PUC codes. non worked. 

6) One of the consultants told me the unlock code I got on my email is not NUC code because its too short (8 digits) but I was not given anything else.

7)Took me to go through 4 consultants untill the last one told me I need to insert another UK sim card of a different network to proceed with NUC etc.

8) I got a simcard from Three. I'm still abroad.

9) Upon inserting it, the message stays the same and non of the provided PUK codes from vodafone nor previously requested NUC works again.
10) I found out I can type #7465625*638*# and it forces the unlock code window. Again, no code that I had worked. I tried it with vodafone simcard and with Three simcard.

11) I'm losing my mind because I need to proceed with my life and noone at vodafone thought I might want to use an abroad card with their phone? Please, help me.


Edit: 12) I know there is a manual unlock possible by a vodafone employee. I'd like to request that.

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17: Community Champion

What you should have been advised is that Vodafone UK cannot guarantee that the Nuc will work if the phone isn't in the UK and using an activated alternative network sim card.


Your options would be to send the phone to someone you know in the uk and they use the Nuc to complete the unlock and send it back.


Or look for a shop that advertises they unlock phones but that would come at a cost to you.

Current Phone > Samsung Note 10+ 5G _256Gb > Model: SM-N976B.

Samsung One Ui  / Pie.


Samsung Gear s3 Frontier Watch.

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2: Seeker

Are you kidding me? The abroad provider told me they do stuff like that in a manual way. Vodafone can't? 

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@maggie8magpie I'm so sorry for the experience you've had! As @BandOfBrothers has mentioned, we'd be unable to guarantee that a phone will unlock when connected to a non-UK network.

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2: Seeker

My phone is in the UK now. Right where I used to live. the NUC code I received on my email is not working!! I checked my IMEI twice now and requested the code twice, I still receive the same one and it's still locked!!

This is the screen that shows up and the 8-digit code that I received on my email is not working there!!

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2: Seeker

Now, I'm not there with my phone to take it to vodafone help centre. my vodafone sim card is with me, as I needed to keep using it.
If you are going to suggest me to take it to a vodafone shop point, you better suggest also how do I let the people there know it's being done with my agreement and by people I trust. Please. The experience I'm having so far is absolutely ridiculous. 

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