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Cannot unlock nokia 3310 phone NUC Query Form [#19928560]

4: Newbie

Good morning


No success, unfortunately.


I transferred my active vodfone sim from my iphone to the Nokia 3310 and followed the instructions exactly


The first thing that happened was that the vodafone system recognised that I had transferred the sim to a new phone and advised it would be sending new settings.


I then entered the code using the * and # as instructed


I tried this several times and on each occasion the nokia would not accept the code and gave message “Code Error” and red !.


So pls advise a fix . at this time I have 2 phones not working, pls treat as urgent




Jeff Miles


From: nucresolutions

Sent: Thursday, November 15, 2018 5:53 AM


Subject: Re: NUC Query Form [#19928560]


Hello Jeffrey,


Thanks for getting in touch about unlocking your phone. You’re almost done – there are just a few things you need to do to complete the process.

What you need to do next


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17: Community Champion



If you have received the unlock code from Vodafone, you need to use an active non Vodafone SIM in the phone when you use the NUC.


There is further help and support for you here: How to use your Network Unlock Code

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4: Newbie

Already tried that, and tried it again, and get same message:


"Can't use this sim with...."


"SIM1 is not valid"


The SIM I am trying to use is issued by the network provider for use in a replacement hand set, viz my Nokia 3310

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4: Newbie

Gave up and took a trip into town this afternoon to visit the Vodafone shop. Techie advisor was helpful but he could not unlock it either. He has sent an internal message to 'The Team' and Customer Services. We shall see.  If you are looking at this forum, team chaps, then some action would help, or do I have to post it back to you so you can interrogate its little brain and do surgury  with one of your smart machines?



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@JEFFMILES The surgery is only used in extreme circumstances when the unlock really doesn't want to play ball. Hopefully it won't get that far and it's little brain can stay in one piece. 

So we're able to access your account and see what's going on, please pop your details over using the link in my private message. We can also raise this to our specialist team (aka smart machine) for you if needed 😊

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4: Newbie

Dear Thaumaturges, quantum magicians, Alex and the Clever Gang.....


Now just 2 weeks since I started the process to unlock my Nokia 3100 and it's still sat on my desk in full lockdown and denial.


Wot next and When, please?

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4: Newbie

That is of course the Nokia 3310 and not my fumble fingered 3100


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4: Newbie

Dear Alex, Teresa from Social Media and anyone else who is interested.

I had an email from NUC Resolutions this morning re-confirming the same unclock code for my 3310 and repeating the previous instructions. Never-the-less I followed said instructions to the letter, with predictable results. My phone remains locked. My  reply to that email is below.


Now individuals at Vodafone have tried to be helpful but the system and protocols they are working to are obviously rubbish, or the problem would have been solved in 24/48 hrs.  2 weeks have passed and we have all been around the loop playing 'pass the parcel" with no resolution. Forgive the caps but I really am getting pretty p*ssed off:



Whoever you may be I shall be polite, courteous and co-operative - I just want the s*dding problem sorted and my phone restored to working order.


""Attn Nirav Raval @NUCresolutions
I have followed the advised procedure exactly, as before, and the results are the same:
Phone connects to your system with Vodafone SIM but unlock code not recognised.
This is the 3rd failed attempt despite the best effort of your team and advice from the ‘Community’ and 2 weeks have passed.
The phone works perfectly with a Vodafone SIM card but fails to unlock from your system and will not recognise a SIM card from another service provider.
It is evident from the your forum that others have had similar problems i.e. it is not an unknown problem at Vodafone.
The logical conclusions are either your system and/or the Nokia phone is/are at fault.
If it is your system then please do something about it without further delay.
If it is the phone then since you sold it to me (not long ago and I have the original packing) and I paid cash I think it is Vodafone’s responsibility to sort it out.
Please advise urgently what happens next
Jeff Miles""
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@JEFFMILES I'm so sorry to hear you're still having problems unlocking your phone. Please let us know your email reference number from when you contacted our team directly, using the link @Alex previously sent. It'll look something like this [#12345678] and can be found in the subject line of the email thread (this will be different from the one on the NUC query form). 
Once we have this, we'll ensure someone picks this up and looks into it further for you. 

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4: Newbie

PS I have sent the private email reply to Alex as requested.

I do hope that I do not have to escalate this issue to the CEO's office - Directors' Complaints Team

I was obliged to do make a serious complaint in January 2017 when Vodafone billed me for substantial sums I did not owe and then threatened to go to a collection service with all the consequences. Vodafone ignored my written complaints and evidence and I had to go to the CEO's office to get a proper resolution and a written admission of Vodafone's mistake.  


After a slow start my elbows are feeling sharp.  I had heard things were getting better but two weeks is too long enough.

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4: Newbie

So next bit of the Saga which nearly reduced me to impotent rage this morning. I get this message from NUC


"As the code still isn’t working for you, please contact the Customer Care team on 191 free from your Vodafone mobile or on 03333 040 191 from any other UK mobile or landline (standard charges apply). They can talk you through what you can do next with your device. Thanks for your patience with this matter so far."


So I phone in and get caught in another loop of automated and incompetent voice recognition software (a sort of moronic AI)  that cannot handle the problem and I cannot find my way through to a human being.



Before I lose it completely



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4: Newbie

3 weeks on Tuesday since I requested an unlock code and the problems started.


Silence from NUC team, silence from Alex, silence from Camilla.


Is it all too difficult folks to unlock a simple little Nokia 3310?


I guess I will just have to pack it all up in it's box and post it back to the boss in Newbury with a suitable covering letter.


Bye for now


Jeff Miles

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4: Newbie

Camilla is of course Colleen, I do tend to get my girls muddled, there are so many of you....

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@JEFFMILES Apologies for the delay in reaching your post. I've just checked and can see we received your latest email. I've asked a member of the team to pick this up and we'll be in touch shorty. 

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4: Newbie

Thank you Alex but I gave up when no-one phoned me back.


I have sent my Nokia and covering letter direct to Mr Nick Jefferey, CEO, at your Newbury HQ.


So thanks for your help but I feel it's a system problem rather than a people problem.


Let's see what happens when the boss gets his post :-)




Jeff Miles

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4: Newbie

Well my Nokia 3310 was delivered early this morning and shoukld be on Mr Jeffery's desk by now.


We'll see what happens next and I will post here for general info.

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4: Newbie

Dear All


Well it is now a clear week since my letter to Vodafone CEO Mr Jeffery and my Nokia wer signed for at the head office (and 4 weeks since I started the unlock attempt).


Not a word in reply - no letter, no text, no email, no phone call.


I guess the customer service problems start at the very top. 


If and when something happens, I'll let you all know.




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I'm disappointed to hear you've felt the need to go to such measures to get your issue resolved @JEFFMILES. So help with your code and try to reunite you with your phone, please reply to our latest email and we'll be happy to help.

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4: Newbie

I have no current emails(s) from Vodafone. The matter has been escalated to the CEO's office and I expect a proper response to my letter to Mr Jeffery.

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4: Newbie

Mark - If you are minded to follow up here follows the text of the letter to Mr Jeffery:





26 November 2018




Mr Nick Jeffery



PO Box 549


RG14 2DQ



'I am totally, totally hell-bent on fixing these problems'





Dear Mr Jeffery,


That is a big statement and a big commitment. Would you please look into the following case study and lend the weight of your office to resolve it. I have exhausted the standard procedures that Vodafone offers. The outcome I am seeking is that Vodafone returns to me the Nokia 3310 unlocked from your system and in a condition to function with a SIM card from another operator.


The phone is enclosed, together with a printout from the forum and a list of emails.


In summary:


  • I transferred the SIM card for ##~## from the Nokia 3310 (supplied by you) to an IPhone. No issues and it works as it supposed to.
  • I wish to use the Nokia on another network and started the procedure with your NUC on 7 November 2018 who provided an unlock code on 14 November 2018. I am not sure why, with the systems available it should take 7 days, but that is not the issue.
  • The unlock code did not work, and still does not work. I went through several iterations with your various teams, and the Vodafone Forum, but we finished up in a loop playing pass-the-parcel.
  • I then took the phone to your local retail outlet. The person there was helpful but could not unlock the phone either.
  • The procedures went into another loop, which I am sure is all too familiar to you. Eventually an email from NUC asked me to phone in. I then got caught up in a nightmare of voice recognition software, which could not address the problem and could not direct me to a human being. At that point your systems, protocols and algorithms gave up, and so did I, hence this letter.


What is clear to me is that, although your people try to be helpful, the systems, protocols and algorithms they work to, are not yet fit for purpose. What is lacking is human responsibility and accountability (i.e. a named employee) to take ownership of a customer’s problem and see it through to conclusion. I assume Vodafone is using some primitive form of AI, including voice recognition. This will deal with many ‘routine’ issues but not where human intervention is needed. If that is the case then Vodafone should not do the β testing on me!


I look forward to my Nokia being returned to me in good order without undue delay, and I wish you well with your ambition to get Vodafone’s customer service to be the market leader.  A current 80% negative and 20% positive is not a good Pareto. Turning it arsey-varsey is going to take some doing.







J C Miles



[MOD EDIT: This post has been edited to remove personal information please see Community Guidelines]

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