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Cannot unlock nokia 3310 phone NUC Query Form [#19928560]


@JEFFMILES It appears that the email you sent to us on 28 November wasn't sent to our team. Please ensure that when responding to our latest email that the subject line remains the same, as this directs your email through to us. We'll then be able to assist you further and check on the progress of your complaint. 

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4: Newbie

Natasha - We are going around the houses again. 

  1. I have no 'latest email'
  2. Vodafone has all the information it needs to deal with this matter and I have provided it several times over to various people in you organisation, including the local rtail outlet who also communicated it to head office. All part of the problem.
  3. If yoiu read my postings you will see that the Nokia 3310 together with an explanatory covering letter was sent to Mr Jeffery on 27 Novemeber.
  4. It is pointless, therefore, trying to deal with this on the forum or any of your teams because I do not have the phone. Vodafone has the phone!
  5. I presume and hope Mr Jeffery's office is dealing with the matter; that is what I expect.
  6. It is now 5 weeks since I first contacted Vodafone for an unlock code and 2 weeks since I wrote to Mr Jeffery. I am still waiting a reply.
  7. At some point, if Vodafone continues to fail to deal with the matter properly, and when my patience eventually runs out, I shall take the matter to the Small Claims Court or County Court, which, ever my solicitor advises, and sue/seek an order for the return of the phone in good and proper condition. Be advised that at this point Vodafone is holding my property and I formally require you to return it to me in good order without further delay.

I suggest you refer this back up the line - Vodafone will not want a County Court judgement against it.

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4: Newbie

Well we are nearly in the last chance saloon. I have sent the file to Vodafone Customer Services so see if they can do anything to help, but based on previous experience I am not hopeful. If they cannot sort it in a week or two then my options are a Court Order and/or referral to OFCOM.


I will keep the forum updated - others may find it helpful.

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I'm sorry to hear you've not received your NUC yet @JEFFMILES. So we can take another look into this, please reply to one of the previous emails we've sent you and we'll be happy to follow this through to conclusion for you.

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4: Newbie

Oh dear, someone else who hasn't read the thread, yet again. Seeing as how Voidafone is a mobile telephone operator you'd have thought some bright spark would have picked up the phone and called me by now instead of this farrago.


As the saying goes  "Tell them what you are going to tell themtell them, then tell them what you told them."

My Nokia is somewhere in Mr Jeffery's office and the whole file is with Voidafone Customer Relations - what we used to know as customer service until that term fell into disrepute.

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4: Newbie

By the way, they do know how to use a phone at Voidafone, if they think you want to buy a new phone they never stop calling you. Can't get rid of the b*ggers  pests.

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4: Newbie

Here we go :

6 weeks since starting the unlock procedure.

3 weeks since writing to Mr Jeffery.

1 week since writing to customer relations.

As yet a deafening silence - nobody has replied, nobody has picked up a phone.


So next step is the formal 'Letter Before Action' to Ms Rosemary Martin, Vodafone's General Counsel and Company Secretary. 


A Letter Before Action is the formal notification that legal proceedings are being commenced and the last chance for Vodafone to settle the matter. Given the lethargy demonstrated so far they will probably ignore the LBA and fail to attend Court, in which case my Claim will succeed and the Court will make an appropriate Order.


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4: Newbie

And this is how you write a Letter Before Action. For those of you unfortunate enoght to have incurred a motoring offence it is similar to the NIP - Notice of Intended Prosecution that drops through your letter box a few days later.....



18 December 2018



Letter Before Action



Ms. Rosemary Martin

General Counsel & Company Secretary,


The Connection,



RG14 2FN.


Dear Madam


Unlocking and Return of Nokia Mobile 3310.


I have not received a reply to my letter dated 28 November 2018 to your CEO, Mr Jeffery, or to my letter of 11 December 2018 to your Customer Services Manager, copies enclosed, which are self-explanatory. I am trying to recover my Nokia 3310 mobile phone from Vodafone, fit for purpose, unlocked for use on a third party network.

I am writing to you because I have exhausted all Vodafone procedures; the Company will not engage and reply properly and has not returned my property. This letter is my final attempt to recover my property before suing for its return together with my reasonable costs.

I would like a reply as soon as possible so that I know you have received this letter. If there is any good or legal reason why my Nokia 3310 has not been returned in good order please let me know by return.

To avoid taking court action, I am willing to use an Alternative Dispute Resolution, an Ombudsman or OFCOM to resolve this problem.

If I do not receive a satisfactory response from you within 30 days of the date of this letter, I intend to issue proceedings against you in the county court without further notice. This may increase your liability for costs.

I refer you to the Practice Direction on pre-action conduct under the Civil Procedure Rules, and in particular to paragraph 4 which sets out the sanctions the court may impose if you fail to comply with the Practice Direction.

I look forward to your acknowledgement.

Yours faithfully


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@JEFFMILES I'm sorry to see you've not reached a resolution regarding your phone.

We've received an email from you on 28 November to our response from the same date under reference #19959366. As the subject line has been amended, our team are unable to locate this and read its contents. If you change your mind and would like us to investigate this for you, please reply to our email on 28 November and ensure that the subject line remains the same.

We can then complete security or arrange a call with you to assist further.

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4: Newbie

I wrote a conventional reply to that email and the subject line remained unchanged. Yet another person from another 'team' asking the same information yet again.


See file copy of the emails of 28/11



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@JEFFMILES I've now sent an email to the email address registered on your Community profile. So we can move forward and help to resolve things for you, please reply back to this email and our team will then be in touch.

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4: Newbie

That's interesting. I posted a reply a short while ago but it has not appeared. Censored? I'll try again - it went something like this:

It beggars belief. I had the following email from Vodafone this afternoon.  6 weeks on and I am being asked to re-submit my details and info because Vodafone made an error in the subject reference, so back to square one.



We really would like to assist with your unlock query that you raised with us on your Community post. So that we can do this, please reply back to us with the requested details below. We'll then be able to locate and access your account to complete security - once this has been done, we'll be able to help with resolving things for you.

As we're unable to follow on from the previous email thread you had with us due to an error with the reference code (EFT195 in the subject line), we'd need to request for these details again:

Your full name and mobile number
Your date of birth and postcode
The make and model of your phone, along with its IMEI
Once we have this information we'll then be back in touch with you to discuss this further.



My reply:


If you read the thread on the community website you will see that my phone in its original packaging is somewhere in your Newbury HQ together a letter to your CEO, Mr Jeffery. You will also see that there is a subsequent Letter Before Action to your corporate General Counsel advising intention to sue in the county court for the return of my phone in good order. The matter has escalated way beyond NUC or the forum and there is no point in continuing this thread.



Did you know that OFCOM fined Vodafone £1,000,000 in 2016 for not dealing with customers properly?



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4: Newbie

Another email this morning:


yet another person kicking the can down the street. Not their fault, it's the dreadful systems, lack of clear procedures and management responsibility:

No-one in charge.

No-one accountable.

No-one reads the file.

No-one in management reads the forum.


Here we go again, same old, same old......


"Hi Jeff,


I’m really sorry to hear you’ve had this experience we do wish to help assist you here.


If you do wish for us to take a look into this, then please confirm

  • Your full name and mobile number
  • Your date of birth and postcode
  • The make and model of your phone, along with its IMEI

Once received we’ll be back in touch.




Social Media

Vodafone Limited
Vodafone HQ, The Connection, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 2FN
Registered in England No 1471587"


 [MOD EDIT: This post has been edited to remove personal information, please see Community Guidelines]


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4: Newbie

A weaker person would be in tears. I have just finished a 15 minute conversation with Customer Services in India who were attempting 'dispute resolution' . What quickly became apparent was that (1) the person in India had no idea of the facts of the matter - no sight of my letters, emails or this website, and (2) the 'dispute resolution team' in India has no direct contact with Vodafone head office in Newbury. The fact that a customer might have returned goods and written to Vodafone management in Newbury is a completely alien concept.



India made two unacceptable 'resolution offers' (bear in mind this is not a dispute but an attempt to get my phone returned to me in a usable condition). One was a cash credit of some £28 and the other was a new issue Nokia 3310  to which I would then have to transfer the SIM from my Iphone, wait 30 days, and then attempt the whole unlock fiasco again. I think not!


I explained with great patience the facts of the matter, yet again and in detail, and advised that unless I get a proper response from Vodafone to my three letters I shall be entering a claim in the county court.


Keep watching this space - I am determined that Vodafone should act like any other commercial company supplying goods and services in the UK and deal with customers properly and within the law.



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4: Newbie

Update - things might be about to happen.


Txt just now: Someone from the Directors' Office will be in touch in the next 24 hrs and,


yet another text from Customer Relations, with a new ref no. saying someone will be in touch in the next 5 days - I am not sure they have caught up yet with reality.


Keep on watching this space.

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4: Newbie

The chap from the Directors' Office called when he said he would and we had a perfectcly civil conversation. He assured me that a process is in hand to deal with the matter, that all letters have been read, and that he will be 'on the case' and keep me updated.


I assured him that I am relaxed now that I know a process has been started and will be managed to conclusion.


We shall see how matters progress and I shall post updates

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 I'm glad to hear a member of our Directors Office team have got in touch with your regarding this @JEFFMILES. I'm sure they'll be able to provide you with a suitable resolution to your query. 

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4: Newbie

Another call from the Directors' Office has resolved the matter - you will be pleased to hear; I am very pleased to hear, but it should not take 2 months and all that hassle. Unlocking phones is obviously a real issue, other wise this forum would not be needed, and Vodafone seriously needs to address it.


The resolutions is: Vodafone have been unable to unlock my Nokia 3310 and are returning it to me (if their techies can't unlock it then something really is wrong because the unlock code is confirmed as correct but does not work). I  will take it to the guy on Blackburn Market who claims to be able to unlock anything and see what he can do, failing that it goes in the bin.

Vodafone are paying £50 towards a replacement and for general inconvenience.


I hope I never have to go through this nonsense again.

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Thanks for the update @JEFFMILES, I'm glad that we've come to a resolution; though it's disappointing to hear your phone's still not been unlocked. If you'd like to continue updating us, we'll be happy to carry on monitoring this.

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4: Newbie

Final report.  The local repair specialist has been unable to unlock the Nokia 3310. He says that the direct/hard lock cannot be unlocked by any of the available software or techniques available to him. Since he has a flourishing and well established business I have to concur and the phone is scrap.


While I understand Vodafone's business model and the need to tie expensive phones to  term contracts to recoup investment and get a return the system is obviously flawed, as evidenced by this forum and others. Further, this  model has no relevance to a 30 quid phone paid for upfront.

A lot of hassle for a 30 quid phone but there is an important point of principle and the 2 month process revealed there continue to be deficiencies in Vodafone’s management of the customer interfaces and complaints procedures. This is not a people issue at the sharp end - they tried.  Having a very large customer base comprising low individual revenues and costly high tech devices is not the easiest model to manage but that is Vodafone's business and it has failed to address it properly over many years.


I have been with Vodafone pretty much since mobiles were the size of a house brick and had external aerials. Most of the time the service just ticks along as it is supposed too. The problems start when you want to change something, when it is almost impossible to speak to a fellow human until it is all too late. Why stay with Vodafone? Simple, I suspect it is the least worst option, most of the time, in an industry that generally treats its customers badly. Reminds of the bad old days of the Utilities when the systems were sclerotic and more important than the people they served.





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