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Help me to unlock my iphone for using in France

1: Seeker


First sorry for my English, i'm jérôme from France

I have bought for my son an iphone on Market Place,  but it's locked on vodaphone network

After many request on Vodaphone Chat and by Emails with the UNC , the last answer i have is  :" ask market place to make the unlocking request".. i think it's a joke but it's doesnt make me laugh


 in france it's take about 5 minutes to unlock it, and an mobile opeator must unlock it after 6 month, without any questions and it's free..

It's an iphone 6, not blaclisted

Have you got any solution ?


Thx a lot


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17: Community Champion

The Vodafone network has a set criteria to meet before they'll unlock it @jeromehallot

If you can speak to the original owner of the iPhone then they could request its unlock from the Vodafone network.

Vodafone won't unlock for you as you would have to had personally used the iPhone on the Vodafone UK Network using a payg sim card while in the UK for at least 30 days making calls etc. 

Or send it to someone you perhaps know in the UK and they use it on the Vodafone UK network for 30 days on a Vodafone UK Payg sim card and then send it back to you. 

There isn't a way around this via Vodafone UK.

Let's be frank  It's not Vodafone's responsibility that you bought an iPhone locked to their network.

You could either ask for a refund from the seller or sell the iPhone and buy one that works on your countries network or buy one that's unlocked to all networks  

Even Apple themselves won't be able to help in regards to a network locked iPhone.

You could try a high street shop that advertises they unlock iPhones but I wouldn't personally suggest to try an online unlocking site.

I wish you all the best.

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