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How to enter the NUC to Nokia 106

2: Seeker

How to enter the NUC to Nokia 106?


The chat guys said just enter the NUC, a web search says enter #pw+code+1#, niether work for me.

I have tried witout a SIM in the phone and with a new non-vodafone SIM.

I am not sure when I am meant to enter the NUC? With a non-vodafone SIM in, the screen shows an invalid SIM message, if I enter just the raw NUC nothing happens, if I enter #pw+code+1# it shows a code error messeage.  If I power the phone without a SIM and enter #pw+code+1# it also shows the code error message.  Note, I enter the NUC supplied by vodafone in the 'code' in the bits above.

I am guessing the #pw...  stuff is telling the phone that a special code is to follow and it's not a number to call...







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@brynl I'm sorry to hear you're having some problems unlocking your phone after receiving your network unlock code (NUC). We'll need to take a closer look into this, to avoid the phone from becoming permanently locked 😊
I've sent you a private message with details on how to get in touch with us.


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