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I got a new vodafone sim for my Alcatel a3 xl and it asks for a sim me [NP] code?

2: Seeker

I got a new sim card and it appears the phone is locked to something, I don't know what or why. Its asking for a code which i do not have, i tried ebay as it offers codes that have worked before for other phones but for some reason not for my one. I have 2 attempts left and am wondering how to get the code or reset the number of attempts.

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17: Community Champion

It sounds like the phone is locked to a network @Jathro1 


May I ask who supplied the phone and did it accept a Vodafone UK Sim Card previously  ?


My personal opinion is to not use online unlocking companies as on occasion these solutions can fail and then acquiring a refund isn't easy.


If a person exhausts the number of tries to unlock a phone to all networks then the phone has to be sent away for the counter to be reset. 

Current Phone > Samsung Note 10+ 5G _256Gb > Model: SM-N976B.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Jathro1 


The first thing to do is to establish which network the phone is locked to and this is going to mean trying alternative network SIM cards in the phone until the phone accepts the SIM. You will then be able to contact the network the phone is locked to to get the phone unlocked to accept an alternative network SIM.


You don't mention how long you have had the phone, it would be easier if you were able to find the original network the phone where the phone was used.

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