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I've been trying to get my phone unlocked for over two weeks now

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I've now been unable to use my phone for over 2 weeks. I bought this phone on contract 2 years ago and when I called to end the contract at the end of said 2 years, did anyone from Vodafone mention to me that I would need to unlock my phone? No. No-one did. So I am in Germany, put in a new German SIM only to find my phone asks me for a weird network unlock number. Now I think this might be something in connection with my German SIM so I give it a couple tries, only to find nothing works. So I get in touch with Vodafone and they tell me I need a NUC. Wonderful. I ask for a NUC and receive one 11 days (not 10) later. I'm ecstatic and go to put in the number but lo and behold it doesn't work and not only that but now the query has changed as well to "SIM network PIN blocked. Enter SIM network PUK". And now Vodafone, don't tell me this has anything to do with my new network provider. It doesn't because I saw on a Vodafone help page (afterwards) that entering said NUC only has a limited number of attempts. Well, seems I've passed that so what now Vodafone?


I'd appreciate a speedy reply.



Stephanie Kaiser


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17: Community Champion

Phones supplied directly by Vodafone are locked to their network @Stephi_AnKa  which has always been the case.


Unless a person mentions they want to use another network sim card in the phone at some point Vodafone wouldn't mention its locked.


This type of information is readily available on the internet and Vodafones help and support pages too.


A Puk is only needed if a person has activated their sim pin and then inputs the 4 digit code incorrectly too many times. It has nothing whatsoever to do with unlocking a phone to all network's.


The issue your going to have is that Vodafone UK cannot guarantee that a Nuc will work if the person isn't in the UK completing the process with an alternative Uk activated network sim card.


I know this isn't what you wanted to hear.


You could try a Highstreet Store that advertises they unlock phones but that would obviously come at a cost to you.


Or send the phone to someone you know in the uk and they unlock it and then send it back to you.

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