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IMEI is not showing on Vodafone network

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Hello - I have  a very strange problem. I bought a phone from a Vodafone shop in London 18 months (have been a pay monthly customer for 10+ years), and now need to get it unlocked for an upcoming trip overseas. I filled in the NUC request form and received this message from Vodafone after 2 weeks:


 You asked us to unlock your phone so you can use it on another network, but the IMEI (serial number) number you gave us (XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX) is not showing on our systems as being provided by us.


The email ended by asking me to re-submit with the correct details even though the IMEI is correct. The phone in question is a Motorola E4 Plus.


Any help appreciated.


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion



May I assume that you have used the purchased phone on the Vodafone UK Network for 30 days since purchasing it from Vodafone ?



Making calls , sending texts etc as this is needed to latch the phones imei number onto the system and your number and account.


If you haven't then you'll need to do that first for 30 days before asking for a Nuc. 


If you have used it on the network for 30 days then Customer support on 191 or Live Chat have account access to be able to escalate this to the Nuc Department. The Nuc Department are not customer facing so there is no contact number to give to you but customer services can give you their email address to contact them directly.


 There is also help via contacting the Vodafone Social Media Teams via these Official  links   > Facebook and Twitter as they also have account access.


The Vodafone Social Media Teams here are unable to help with account based issues here.


Please link back to this thread when you contact them along with your username to help speed up the support they can give.

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