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NUC RESOLUTIONS - do they exist? Do they get back to you?

2: Seeker

I am stuck in a wild goose chase to get my unlock code.


I have been a customer for 7 years but they claim I haven't met the 3 month minimum to get an unlock code. its a mistake at Vodafone's end because they prematurely disconnected me and then reconnected me last week when I was trying to get a PAC code.


I have filled in the online form as suggested and now received a rejection email. I have called up customer services and been told to email them directly.


Now I have received a bounce back saying they don't give out UNLOCK codes via this email and to go back to the online form. Do they ever get back to you indiviually or am I stuck in limbo with no one able to resolve? This saga is going on and on and making me very stressed. What does it take to get a clear answer? Everyone at Vodafone is very polite and friendly but nothing is straightforward or getting resolved.


Has anyone had the NUC Resolutions team get back to them ever?

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17: Community Champion

The Nuc department are not customer facing so it's all done via messages and emails @CW46 

I can see how their systems would automatically think you've not hit the required criteria.

I'd suggest to try the Vodafone Social Media Teams via Contact-us-for-account-specific-queries 

A final resort would be to use a Vodafone Payg sim card in the phone for 30 days making calls etc and then use that payg account to request it's unlock.

You shouldn't have to but it's an option.


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