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NUC code not worked s8+

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I have used the code that Vodafone supplied and the phone is still locked, i have checked my new sim and this works in another phone. I have checked all serial numbers and all are correct. What would be the next steps.


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Hi @Vish 


Try putting a 0 (zero) at the beginning of the Nuc Code.


Your next step would be to ask Vodafone  Customer Support on 191 or Live Chat for a mastercode also known as an unfreeze code.


This is sometimes needed with a Samsung Galaxy phone as well as the Nuc.


Also the Vodafone Social Media Teams via Facebook and Twitter can help.


My apologies at having to send you elsewhere to engage with Vodafone UK as I appreciate you came here , signed up and created a post to reach out for help but the Team here can no longer help with Account based issues.


But it's the same Social Media Teams here that help and assist via Facebook and Twitter.


The Social Media links I've provided are the Official links that the Vodafone Forum Team here would provide you once they caught up and have read your thread.


Things have changed as they have decided that help and assistance with account based issues would be best supported that way.


I appreciate not everyone wants to use Social Media however it takes but a few moments to create a Twitter or Facebook account and then can be forgotten if necessary. Just a thought.


Please remember to include the link to your forum post, along with your username.

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Thank you for you time it seems, i will need the the unfreez code then.