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NUC code not working

2: Seeker

hi. I have been trying to unlock my samsung s8 but the NUC isn't working. I've checked and all the details and IMEI are correct. I have a new virgin mobile sim which when I put it into my phone brings up a message saying "sim network pin blocked. please enter sim network PUK" is this where I need to enter the NUC or the PUK? I've tried both and neither are working. the new sim is not activated yet and I have no way to do so as I dont have another phone. any help would be appreciated 

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Hi @stug19 👋 When this message pops up, you'd need to insert your PUK code.

This will need to be given to you by the provider of your SIM. Once the SIM has been unlocked, you'll then be able to enter your NUC with your non-Vodafone SIM in your phone.

So that we can check your NUC and the unlocking of your phone once the SIM is unlocked, please message us via Twitter @VodafoneUK or on Facebook at Vodafone UK. We'll then be able to access your account securely to help.

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2: Seeker

hi Natasha. 


I tried this initially as I presumed it was a problem with the sim as it mentions sim network. virgin gave me two PUK codes to try, neither of which worked. virgin assumed the sim had been barred so sent a new one however the same message comes up when I put the new sim in and neither PUK code or NUC code work

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1: Seeker

I litterally have the same issue! Vodafone over the phone say they are unable to help me but the nuc team via email can so i email them but get sent back an automated email, so i go instore for help, once again they can't help me. Ive been gkung around in circles.. no one seems to know how i can unlock my phone.. the nuc code isnt working!


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2: Seeker

contacted the vodafone Facebook team as advised who took details and promised to escalate to the NUC team but I have had no update in 2 days. I have a phone that is paid for that I can no longer use and no one seems to know how to sort it out. 

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17: Community Champion

I appreciate how this would be frustrating for you all.


Ignore the request for a Puk as this has nothing to do with unlocking a phone to all network's. That's only needed if a person has activated their sim pin 4 digit security feature that stops a sim being used in another phone, and then forgets the pin code


If your using a Samsung phone.....


What you need to do is ask Vodafone customer services on 191 or Live Chat for an unfreeze code aka a mastercode which is needed as well as the Nuc.


The Vodafone Social Media Teams via Facebook and Twitter should be able to help too. Please link back to your thread and username in order to hasten up the help they can give. 


If this was my situation and I needed the phone unlocking asap / urgently I'd also consider looking at Highstreet Stores that advertises they unlock phones but that would obviously come at a cost to myself.


I wouldn't use online unlocking sites.

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