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NUC unlocking Sony Xperia X1

2: Seeker



I've received my NUC code for my Sony Xperia X1 (F5321) and checked my IMEI several times but each time I enter the NUC code into my phone I get a locking unsuccessful message.


Please can someone advise on how to get my phone unlocked?


many thanks

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17: Community Champion

Hi @NorthyCC 


First don't try too many times or you'll run the risk of hard locking your phone which mean it'll need to be sent away by Vodafone to have it's counter reset.

In it says…

  1. Turn off the Xperia device. 
  2. Insert the SIM card from your new operator.
  3. Turn on the Xperia device.
  4. If prompted, enter the PIN code for the SIM card (4 digits).
  5. Enter the Network Unlock Code / Network Control Key (16 digits)

From Vodafone it says…


How to use your NUC

  1. Insert a non-Vodafone SIM
  2. Turn on your phone. It will show the SIM Network Unlock PIN
  3. Enter your NUC and press unlock. The screen will display Network Unlock Successful


With some Sony phones occasionally a code needs to be keyed in before the Nuc.

If you perform a forum search there are threads discussing how to unlock a Sony phone.

This is a similar thread Unlocking-Sony-Xperia-1. 


Customer services or the Vodafone Social Media Team's via Twitter DM or Facebook Messenger can check the Nuc is correct and walk you through the process of using the Nuc.


Also make sure the alternative network sim card is activated so connects to their network and mobile date.

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