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Network Unlocking Code (NUC)

2: Seeker

I have an Xperia XZ that has been on contract for 2yrs, PUK code worked just fine but NUC code I was sent (received Monday 12th Nov) did not work. Local store told me that they do not have anything to do with it and to contact Vodafone who told me they would email the relevant team and I would be updated in 2hrs.


5hrs later I ring back to be told I will have an answer and a working code in 48hrs (Thursday 15th Nov). 72hrs later (Friday 16th Nov) I call back again and I'm put on hold on/off for 40 mins and get told they don't know what's gone wrong and they will have someone contact me by email ASAP, I am offered £30 compensation to cover the cost of unlocking the phone independently (which I'm told could take between 5 days and 4 weeks because, and I quote "Vodafone are a nightmare for codes").


The following day after I ring yet again (Saturday 17th Nov) explaining that my phone is my only contact with work and as a Duty Manager and part of the Security Team it is VITAL to have a working phone and this delay is now inteferring with my professional responsibilities and causeing HUGE amounts of stress, I am told "It's not Vodafones problem it's down to Sony". I make a final phone call and the advisor couldn't even locate my account despite the fact that there is a tablet still active on that account and I was told it would need to be 'investiagted'. I have now been without a working phone for nearly 9 days, I have had absolutely no contact from Vodafone despite many promises and I don't see why I should take a chance on a third party unlocking my phone (providing the code even works) when this should have been hassle free.


To add insult to injury my account can't even be located, apparently, and yes all the numbers I have provided have been correct (and verified by Vodafone) and all other T&C met. I would love an actual resolution given that my professional life is being interfered with, the stress is damaging my health and I am paying for a sim card I cannot use. I await a useful answer......

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Parker22s


Not a good experience I submit !

I assume your using a new networks sim card that is activated ie connects to mobile data network. 

Also try starting the Nuc with a 0

Be aware that inputting the code too many times can hard lock the phone which will result in having to send it away to be reset in order to be able to try unlocking codes. 

A person has around 10 attempts. 

Customer service I see have escalated this to

to the Nuc department. They can also if you ask for it provide the Nuc email address so you can liaise directly. 


If this was my situation I'd pick up a Vodafone Payg Sim Card and use that so at least I was contactable for work etc especially as its vital. 

So at least until a Nuc Code worked I was connected. 


There are Highstreet Stores that unlock phones to all networks but I'm not sure what they charge although I'd be very surprised if it was £30. 

I wouldn't recommend using any online unlocking companies. 

I hope you get this sorted out asap. 

If not then please come back here and re post so that the Vodafone Social Media Teams can take a look. 

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2: Seeker

Thanks for the suggestions @BandOfBrother


Yes it is a sim for another network, didn't have any bad experiences with Vodafone until this point. 


I tried adding the zero with no luck but was worth a shot. 

My concern with going to a highstreet store to get it unlocked is if its another invalid code I could end up doing this over and over again.


I think I am on about 7 or 8 tries now - Vodafone asked me to try the code twice over the phone previously. 


I will pick up a PAYG Vodafone sum for the time being.


Really stressing me out to be honest. 

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@Parker22s It's really disappointing to hear you're having problems unlocking your phone and I'm sorry for the inconvenience this has caused. So we can take a closer look into this for you, I've sent you a private message with details on how to get in touch. 


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