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Network unlock code

2: Seeker


i have been on monthly contract with Vodafone for two years with an iPhone 6s .

i have ended my contract with Vodafone because of very poor service especially customer service.

i have asked for the network unlock code as the handset is still saying locked to Vodafone.

i have now waited over a week and still no code even after emailing nuc resolutions department direct!

The reply was that it could be carphone warehouse that need to unlock it but they do not unlock! 

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Susan47


Please see this link: Unlock your phone


As you can see from the link if you are trying to unlock an iphone 6S, the device will already be unlocked.


If you have not already synchronised to itunes with a new activated alternative network SIM card this may be worth a try.

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2: Seeker


the phone is definitely still saying locked to Vodafone.

it is an iPhone 6s but still showing as locked. 

The phone is from 2015 and I have been told at that time iPhone 6s were locked to Vodafone.

please advise thanks ?



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2: Seeker

Finally it’s now unlocked .

thanks for the responses 


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