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Not receiving texts from one number.

2: Seeker

So, over christmas my boyfriend got a new phone with a new number. When he got the phone he sent a text to my phone which i received with no issues. However, since then, none of his texts have come through to my phone despite his mobile telling him it had been sent. But when I send him a text, the messages go through to his phone with no problem at all. We're both on vodafone, I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and he has a Vodafone Smart 3. I have already checked my spam folders, blocked numbers, removed my sim card and re-entered it, removed the battery and re-entered it and nothing seems to be working. Help please!

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Community Champion (Retired)

Hi emiliehaschka


Is your boyfriend able to send texts to other phones without difficulty?  It's possible to test whether the phone is set up correctly by sending a text to 9770 - if all is working OK, Vodafone sends an acknowledgement text back.  The Message centre number should be set to +447785016005, and the message format should be set to text.


In the Settings for Messages, does his phone have the option to request a delivery report for messages which he sends?  If so, it would be interesting if he turned that option on, tried sending you a text, and then watched his phone immediately after sending the text to see what message, if any, came up.  On my phone (a Huawei Ascend G300), when I have that option turned on, shortly after I've sent a brief message shows up, and then a little envelope icon appears on my copy of the text, confirming that it was received.


There's a Troubleshooter for text messaging HERE which would be worth trying if you're still stuck.



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