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Q10 OS update to Im not updating. anyone else?

5: Helper

just received my software update notification here in the UK to which is 289mb in size.


after reading all the errors and failures since recent updates by members on various forums i dont think im going to risk it unless it has some important updates.

at the moment im on which has been working fine so far.


i use my phone for emergencys in a major london hospital and i dont think i can take the risk.


anyone else feeling the same that hasnt already upgraded.

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17: Community Champion

The whole furore about firmware upgrades, be it Blackberry, Samsung, HTC or whatever, is just ridiculous. I've been reading the Blackberry 10.2.1 thread with increasing disbelief at the things people write about upgrades. And I have genuine upgrade-itis as a mobile phone geek.


After an upgrade there are inevitably two common responses - nothing much has changed or my battery life is now terrible. Of course most users do find that their phone works just as well and maybe a little better.



But the truth is that if your phone works now - there is no need to upgrade. Don't feel pressured into it.




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5: Helper

thanks for reply jeff.


ive posted same post on blackberry forum and within a few minutes theres already one unhappy chappy who has had his callender and phone contact data and also lost his work account after the upgrade.

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4: Newbie
I have upgraded and all features work fine and fixes for old probs like multiple contacts now included.

Easy add of Android apps should be reason enough. Crackberry has the info

My Q10 is better than ever and the only strange thing to me is that BB haven't promoted this better.
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5: Helper

thanks for the reply.


still dubious and will wait a few weeks then decide if its worth the risk for me.

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