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Question about unlocking the Vodafone Smart V8

1: Seeker

If I buy a Vodafone Smart V8 in the UK, for £169.99 (inc. A mandatory £10 sim), will I have to use it for 30 days before unlocking? The person in the Vodafone shop said this. I plan on using an eBay code to unlock it. I know I would have to do the 30 day thing before unlocking it with Vodafone, but does that count for an eBay code?

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17: Community Champion

You can get a free code from Vodafone here: Unlocking @pakhitepo 


Just get yourself a free PAYG SIM here: Free SIM .  The trick is to opt out of a BVB before topping up here otherwise Vodafone will take your credit for a bundle.  Just use the SIM on the phone for 30 days to prove ownership and complete the form.


Otherwise, just use the ebay code immediately, but you will still need the SIM.  When you have the code, Vodafone phones are simple to unlock with just the lock, with the Vodafone SIM in the phone type *#7525*01# this will prompt to enter the unlock code. 


@pakhitepo Vodafone no longer sell Vodafone phones, you must be purchasing through an online site.  Just use the Vodafone SIM that comes with the phone to bring up the unlocking menu using the code above.



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17: Community Champion

You can use an eBay code or pop into a Highstreet Store that advertise they unlock phone's for a fee @pakhitepo 

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