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Unlock Nokia 3310 Success

3: Seeker

I wanted to unlock my Nokia 3310 locked to Vodafone and requested the NUC.

When it arrived I went to the relevant unlock page on the Vodafone site but the Nokia 3310 was not listed.

I then had a 45 minute online chat which failed to resolve the problem.

I was advised to use the keypad to enter the code # P W + CODE + 1 #

( CODE being the unlocking code. To get letter P press * button quickly 3 times, to get letter W press * button quickly 4 times, to get letter + press * button quickly 2 times)

I did this again, and again, and again.  But each time the screen displayed "Code error".

I checked the Vodafone Unlocking forum and there were a lot of similar posts with exactly the same problem - a lot of people have done online chat, called techincal support and taken their handsets into Vodafone stores but no one seems to be able to unlock the Nokia 3310 using the NUC.

I then stumbled on this page which recommended using the code:

# P W + CODE + 7 #

i.e. switch the final 1 for a 7.  I tried it.  Hallelujah!  It worked.  Seems that some handsets fail on the standard unlock but +7# at the end fixes this.

I made this account just to post this fix as I can see a lot of people have had problems with this and have wasted a lot of their time and effort trying to resolve.

Mods  - I don't know if linking to external sites is allowed - if not please remove the link, thanks. 

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I'm glad to hear your phone's been unlocked @UnlockNokia3310 😊 I'm sure the information in your post will help anyone struggling to unlock a Nokia 3310. Thanks 👌

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3: Seeker

No problem @Mark - it still seems to be an issue for some people so having found a workable solution just wanted to spread the word!  :Winking_smiley:

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