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Unlock iPhone 6s Question

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2: Seeker

Just to report after one failed attempt to sync with iTunes, Vodafone did something, after many weeks of asking, and then when it was synced with iTunes with a none-Vodafone sim card in NZ it worked. My wife now has her iPhone 6s working normally.  What we didn't get to learn was what exactly was done so that it synced to iTunes. I'm posting this message so others looking at this thread with the same problem will know that there is something that needs to be done by Vodafone to overcome this problem.

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1: Seeker

Hey there I need to unlock my phone how can I do it?

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@Erald100 To request a Network Unlock Code for your phone, you'll need to fill out our online form

We'll then email you in due course with further instructions to unlock the phone.

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