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Unlocked iPhone not accepting sim

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I have recent sold a an iphone which was originally locked, now unlocked from Vodafone. However the buyer who is resident in Malta states that the phone is not accepting his Vodafone Malti sim.


Could someone advise.


Kind regards


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion



An iPhone is not unlocked via inputting a Nuc {unlocking code} like other phone models are, but instead is unlocked remotely by Apple themselves and their Database.


So no actual Nuc is sent by Vodafone UK. 


The Vodafone Network lets a person know by email it's unlocking has been requested to Apple after accepting your Nuc online unlock request. (Please Check Spam Inboxes too) 


Please Note > The iPhone isn't actually usually unlocked to all networks at this stage when Vodafone email you. 


What happens is Apple then process the Networks request and occasionally this can take Apple approximately up to another 30+ days sometimes from Vodafone's email to complete an unlock request made by a Network. 


To complete the process please Periodically insert an active i.e. connects to mobile network data, alternative Networks Sim Card in the iPhone with hooking upto iTunes is only typically needed if its an iPhone 4 or older although it wouldn't harm to do so. 

From the iPhone 5 onwards there's not normally the need to hook up to iTunes to complete the process. 


When it's unlocked the new owner should see a pop up message and the alternatives Networks name will show in the iPhone's status bar. 

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