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Unlocking an I Phone 7 without number.

2: Seeker

So, my son saved & brought an I Phone 7 from eBay, it's on Vodaphone, his SIM is Tesco.


I paid an online company £18 to unlock it, they took the £18 and now want an additional £65 to complete the unlock, which I refuse to pay.


How do I quickly & reasonably get this phone unlocked?



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17: Community Champion

Hi @MartinDodd 


Don't get an online company to unlock an iphone, it will be jailbroken and will relock as soon as the iOS is updated.  If you have been charged as much as £18.00 you have already been ripped off.


Apart from a small PAYG top up unlocking is free from Vodafone and the phone will be officially unlocked and won't relock when updated :  How do I unlock my Vodafone device if I’m not a Vodafone customer?



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17: Community Champion

Hi @MartinDodd 


The fastest way is to use a Payg sim card in the phone for 30 days makg calls etc and then use the new Payg details to request its unlock.


Or if your on Vodafone then insert your sim card in the phone and use it for 30 days and you request its unlock.


The online stores don't jailbreak an iPhone as that has nothing to do with unlocking an iPhone @MartinDodd 


Jailbteaking installs a programme called Cydia that then allows a person to install tweaks.  Basically jailbtraking allows access to the phones core files.


I have jailbroken iPhones for many years. 


Another option is to try a Highstreet Store that advertises they unlock phones and try your alternative sim card in the phone while your there and before you oart with cash.


To add....


An iPhone is not unlocked via inputting a Nuc {unlocking code} like other phone models are, but instead is unlocked remotely by Apple themselves and their Database.


So no actual Nuc is sent by Vodafone UK. 


The Vodafone Network lets a person know by email it's unlocking has been requested to Apple after accepting your Nuc online unlock request. (Please Check Spam Inboxes too) 


Please Note > The iPhone isn't actually usually unlocked to all networks at this stage when Vodafone email you. 


What happens is Apple then process the Networks request and occasionally this can take Apple approximately up to another 30+ days sometimes from Vodafone's email to complete an unlock request made by a Network. 


To complete the process please Periodically insert an active i.e. connects to mobile network data, alternative Networks Sim Card in the iPhone with hooking upto iTunes is only typically needed if its an iPhone 4 or older although it wouldn't harm to do so. 

From the iPhone 5 onwards there's not normally the need to hook up to iTunes to complete the process. 

When it's unlocked you should see a pop up message and the alternatives Networks name will show in the iPhone's status bar. 


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17: Community Champion

Hi @BandOfBrothers 


Thank you for clarifying the meaning of jailbreaking, I will remember that the next time when there is a similar enquiry.


However, that does not mean the phone will not relock when it has not been unlocked officially through Apple.   I was a little unclear about this after reading your reply but this is confirmed on this thread from Apple Community here : Will updating IOS cause Carrier unlocked Iphone to lock again ??




There is also further information for you from Apple here to explain the unlocking process:


How to unlock your iPhone for use with a different carrier

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17: Community Champion

From my own user experience of iPhones @AnnS  I've had iPhones unlocked via a Highstreet Store that advertises they unlock iPhones and have successfully installed the most recent iOS update without issue of the iPhone relocking.


Again this is my own user experience.


The issue sometimes met is the chipset in the newer iPhones can be difficult for shops to unlock.


If a person jailbreaks their iPhone and then update to a newer iOS then this can break the jailbreak.


My advice to people is to always try the networks official route.


My own personal opinion is that nowadays all phones should be unlocked out of the box which would stop all this messing about both for the owner and network - but I digress. 

Current Phone > Samsung Note 10+ 5G _256Gb > Model: SM-N976B.

Samsung One Ui  / Pie.


Samsung Gear s3 Frontier Watch.

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