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nuc code

2: Seeker

still waiting after 11 working days for an unlocking code for a huawei phone. service levels are worse than ryan air. staff don't know anything and don't appear to talk to each other in any part of the workplace. face to face in shop is awful. at what point do you try the legal route? filled form in 11 days ago

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16: Advanced member

@bluenose16 - This shouldn’t be the case and I’m sorry it’s made you feel this way about us!

If it’s an iPhone you’re using then it might be unlocked now. Please test another network SIM in your phone and connect it to iTunes. Once you’ve done this, if it still isn’t working or if it’s not an iPhone, then we can contact our Network Unlock team for you and check what’s happening.

Please contact our team via Facebook PM for Vodafone UK, or get in touch on Twitter DM using the handle @VodafoneUK.

Please also include a link to this thread, along with your usernames.

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