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APN settings for V-SIM

2: Seeker

Any ideas what should be the APN settings fir thirdparty camera to connect to vodafone using V-SIM ?


the V-SIM page states that I can connect non listed device but need to set the APN - but do not mention with what..,



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17: Community Champion

Not sure if this will help @Vtomanov 



From Here. 

Current Phone > Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G - SM9860 Snapdragon.

Samsung One Ui 2.5  / Android 10.

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2: Seeker

The APN/USER/PASS setting seems to be correct and work fine with third party GPS tracjer for exmaple - but for some reason do not work with 4G camera ( my subscription is for camera £4 a month)


The camera seems to have a embeded 4G router and connects internally to it and the Vodafone system start to somplain and demm teh device non - compatible.


for exmaple is I do the folowing :


1. put the v-sim in another device ( gps tracker) 

2. release the sim from teh v-sim app on my mobile to attach to the tarcker

3. leave the tracker working for some time ( all is good there)

4. directly return teh sim to the 4G Camera 


all is working fine with teh camera for 1/2h and after that no matter what I do the V-SIM app complains that teh device is not compatible - realease non-reelese the sim doesn't make any difference


in brief it seems that the camera IS COMPATIBLE but after 1/2 Vodafone sustem start to reject it ...

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We do have an updated list of compatible devices here @Vtomanov - if your camera isn't included and changing your APN settings hasn't resolved this for you, I'd advise speaking with the manufacturer. As it's a third party device, we wouldn't be able to comment on any further steps you can try if changing the APN settings hasn't done the trick.

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