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V by Vodafone

Email from hello(at)

2: Seeker

Hi Forum,


I received an email from : hello(at)email-

After -

I just want to know if this is a genuine or fake email address?

Can anyone from Vodafone answer my question?

It was regards to a link to Very Me rewards, The Great UK Quiz.

I used my mobile phone to open the link.

Thank you,


17: Community Champion

Hi @Neil-Cannon 


If you can mention the price plan you are on, this thread can be moved to the correct board.


The My Vodafone Application alert usually comes by text starting Hello with the Vodafone logo to provide information on the Very Me Rewards.  If the link came with linking to My Vodafone Very Me rewards it will be a genuine email address.

On the My Vodafone Application Very Me Rewards there is a reward to Win £10.00 with the great UK quiz.


The forum home page has customer information for Very Me.

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2: Seeker
It was an email i received not a text.
My price plan. Pay monthly 500mb essentials. 12 months.
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