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V by Vodafone

TRACKISAFE v multi tracker location way out


Hey @CarolLD 

Thanks for trying them steps and letting us know 🙂

It could be worth speaking to our dedicated V by Vodafone team who can take a look at the device, you can find out how to contact them here

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2: Seeker

I also have a brand new device, set up as per instructions. It is currently on my bench yet the App states it is outside the geofence approx 100m away......? Help.....

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2: Seeker



It still happens virtually daily for me. I use it on my cat, and it often happens when my cat is indoors too. My advice is to let the tracker update its location over 5 minutes or so. (Either automatically or by you selecting the update manually by clicking the update button). It will usually show the correct location after that. If you are using the tracker like me on a pet, by using the history option you can sometimes tell that it’s completely incorrect, as it tells you the times The animal was in each location. So you can see it was in one location, then within a minute, it’s showing a location that would be impossible for a cat to travel, unless in a vehicle. Which is a worry but once it updates again you can see it’s back to an expected location. Of course there are times when it won’t update the location either. 


 It’s not ideal but once bought and locked into paying for this its making the best of it for me.


Thankfully I’m working from home so most of the time when it happens I can see where my cat is! If I was in working and travelling about it would cause me much more anxiety and would actually do the opposite of what I got it for, to give me peace of mind! If this is you, get a refund if you can and try another one.


ive had a much better tracker in the past but they’ve unfortunately gone out of business (they were a start up). Their technology was much better. 

p.s. Support had me reboot and everything but it didn’t make any difference!

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