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Trackisafe mini sending erroneous notifications

2: Seeker

I have just set up my new trackisafe mini to keep an eye on my trailer out in the garage. Sorted out power and everything for it to keep charged. 

I have set up notifications so that it plays a sound and overrides any silent mode on my phone etc. Set up a speed limit alert and a geofence. 

However, the notification has gone off twice during the first night now saying that the speed has been exceeded and once to say it has breached the geofence, but it has done neither of these and the tracker is safely in the garage where I left it.

Why would it be sending me notifications in error? 

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@JAYNESTENTON The Multi-Tracker works through our Vodafone network - are you having any issues with your signal? This may be affecting the tracker and causing you to get these notifications. You can also see if we're working on any issues in the area on our status checker.

If not, please drop us a message on Facebook or Twitter. Our team will then be able to take a closer look into your TrackiSafe Mini and what may be causing this for you :Thumbs_Up: If you include your Community username and a link to your post, you won't need to repeat yourself and we can find your query quickly. 

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