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V by Vodafone

Trackisafe - problems

1: Seeker

Can anyone help?  Last week we bought one of the newer Vodafone tracking devices, the Trackisafe Mini.  We can't get it to work.

We've done everything we needed to do initially - downloaded V by Vodafone, the Trackisafe app, scanned the device.  Etc, etc.  All of the set-up seemed to go right.  The problem is - the device's location (which should be a little Trackisafe logo) doesn't show up at all on the Trackisafe map.  So at the moment, as a tracking device, it's useless.

We spent almost 2 hours in the Vodafone shop, but as it's a fairly new product, the staff, although trying their best, weren't very knowledgeable.  We came away with a replacement device, but it's got the same problem.

So - does anyone else have one of these gagdets, and have they got it working properly?  If we can't get our to work, needless to say it'll be going back for a refund.

Thanks for any replies.



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Morning Aly

My team of technical agents will be more than happy to help you with your issue.


You can either chat to them directly or request them to call you back via the below link

The team are availabe from 8 in the morning 7 days a week.


Kind regards



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3: Seeker

I was typing a very long message here but the website actually crashed my galaxy note 4. I think that tells enough about my experience with this tracker.  Never managed to get it to work and it was setup by a vodafone specialist in store. All v by vodafone and trackisafe app looks setup properly. Device is not shown on the map nevermind tracking anything. I can't use the chat link as nobody is ever available..  avoid like plague 

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2: Seeker

Hi Ally,


I purchased mine and had it working in short order, the instructions do appear to be missing but what I did find was the battery was quite empty when I picked it up.  Have you charged the battery and do the lights come on when it is charging?


Also if you press either the button on top or the side to the lights change, come on etc ?

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2: Seeker

I have just bought a mintracker.  Impresssed with price size and monthly costs...provided it works.

I agree.  V by Vodaphone app worked first time.

I downloaded Trackisafe app and it would not let me register.  (Error 500)  Found this thread which directed me to the Vodafone live chat.  Via the live chat they resolved my log in within 24 hours.  They phoned me and advised there had been a server problem.    Trialled usage with daughter.  Failed miserably.  Geofence did not trigger.  Location not  tracked.  Took tracker out of case this evening and it worked perfectly when I went our for 2nd test walk.  Currently trying to change password to share it with family.   will post more. 

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2: Seeker

I was an electronics engineer with a very large company and computer literate but still had problems working out how the dam thing works. I think I have is sussed now, here is the benefit of my discoveries.


1) I asked in the Vodaphone shop for them to set it up, I checked it in the shop, it appeared to be working but the Trackisafe app was merely taking the location from the GPS in my phone and presenting it as a blue dot (just like google does). They had in fact failed to scan in the bar code from the back of the device and register it with Vodaphone V.

2) Once that had been achieved I took it for a run but once it got out of range of my wifi it failed to either register my location on the History map. The Vodaphone V appart from managing your billing function (which you can kiil if you want) metely acts as a link to Trackisafe which you must have in your device. The problem turned out to be a very obscure turn on procedure. To turn the thing off press and hold the small power button (that is best so that that a know state can be achieved) red lights will flash for a few seconds. Press and hold the power button again for 3 seconds the green lights will flash twice. This is the most important part (it can require a delay here) : Press the power button momentarily, if the device is connected to the GSM network the Green light turns on for 3 seconds. If the device is not connected the red light blinks for 5 seconds.

3) Under setting icon in TRackisafe, set "Track every to  1 minute"  the Save,  take it for a drive around the block and it should track your progress on the history under the three dots icon. If it is working then reset the Track Every to a longer time as this enhances the battery life. I think if you kill the application this will stop any demands for position, therefore should enhance battery life. You can always demand an update by pressing the rightwardish pointing arrow at the top of the screen.


Hope this helps

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