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V by Vodafone

V Bag Tracker Device Not Communicating

2: Seeker

The app "Trackisafe" recently got upgraded on my android mobile and ever since then when I send a location update the device says “Device Not Communicating” it also keeps logging out “v by Vodafone app” and very rarely sends back automatic way points. 


I have re-installed both apps and also rebooted the tracker but it didn’t fix the issue.  The device seems okay as I do receive some updates.

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When you're having issues receiving location updates @Deaks001, is this in the same area or different places?

Your TrackiSafe will need a mobile signal in order to send location updates. Do you notice any change with your signal when you get the error message? 

If it's in just one place, please let me know the postcode and I can check if we're aware of any issues in the area that would be affecting your V-Bag device.

Our support page may also help with any issues you're experiencing.

Please let me know how you get on.

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