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V-SIM GSM? - Is it a thing?

2: Seeker


I'm looking for an IoT SIM. it's to be used in a device where I send an SMS message and the device switches something on, sends me a text back to confirm and that's it. It will be used once or twice a month and that's it. It has to be reliable in that I don't want its number to suddenly disappear off the network.  


I'm a long-term Vodafone contract client and I'd prefer to get something from Vodafone rather than a third party.  I read somewhere that there is a £2 a month PAYG type contract but the only thing that I've been offered is a 24 month contract at £10 which I'm not going to do. 

I've seen a few posts on the Amazon website where someone has said that the service isn't compatible with SMS and data-only but I'd like to know if there is such a thing?

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Hi @Snar! We offer a range of options with Vodafone. Please click here to view our SIM only deals, if you select 30 days underneath Select contract length. you'll be able to see all available price plans on a 30 day rolling cycle. Alternatively, you could pick up a Pay as You Go SIM and add credit to it as and when you need it, please click here for pay as you go options.

We recycle numbers after 180 days of no usage, and you'll be sent a text after 90 days of no usage to advise of this, however, as you've advised you'll be using the SIM once or twice a month, this is more than enough to keep the number active under your name, should you choose the Pay as You Go option. I hope this helps 🙂

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Snar 


If you are using an Android phone, the only thing that might work is your Smart Things application where you can  add devices, control appliances etc around the home through the phone.


Apart from a PAYG SIM which would be the cheapest option but is going to need some outgoing activity to keep the number active, don't think you are going to find what you are looking to achieve.

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