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VeryMe Rewards

Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)



VeryMe Rewards is our loyalty programme designed around you, with weekly treats and giveaways that change to match your interests.

From movies to keep you entertained, to goodies delivered right to your door! Get ready for a whole new world of rewards 

You’ll get discounts, prize draws and even free giveaways from some of Britain’s best-loved brands. We update the rewards week in, week out so there’s always a great selection of offers.

Find us through the My Vodafone app

Download now for iPhone and here for Android and start exploring the world of VeryMe Rewards. Simply open the app and you’ll see VeryMe Rewards on the homescreen.

Who can get VeryMe Rewards?

VeryMe Rewards is open to Pay monthly mobile and Pay as you go mobile customers.

Pay as you go mobile customers must top up by at least £10 every 6 weeks to access VeryMe Rewards. Remember, if you’re a new Vodafone customer, it can take up to four days to access VeryMe Rewards. 

VeryMe Rewards isn’t currently available for our Home Broadband or Mobile Broadband only customers, or to VOXI customers.

Check out the latest on the My Vodafone app here: 

What happens if I see an error message or experience problems when trying to access VeryMe Rewards? 
It’s possible that you aren’t eligible for VeryMe Rewards. Please check that you’re either a Pay monthly or Pay as you go mobile customer – and, if you’re on Pay as you go, check that you’ve topped up at least £10 in the last six weeks.

If you feel you meet our eligibility criteria and are still seeing an error page, rest assured that we're working to get everyone access soon.

Alternatively, your My Vodafone app may need updating. Check on your app store to make sure you’re using the latest version, and that there aren’t any pending updates.

If you're still having issues, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our Social Media team 👍