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Vodafone Sure Signal

Another second hand sure signal

4: Newbie

Can anyone help me out here.  I just read this thread  about a guy who was in the same boat as me.


I have spoken to the previous owner who has deregistered the sure signal yet I cannot register it on my account. My service is appalling on the Iphone 4s and its getting me depressed. I bought the sure signal to remedy this problem not knowing how hard it would be to set up buying one second hand. 


The live chat I had with a Vodafone rep said just make sure its deregistered and its straight forward.  Not the case !!! it comes up error every time.


Help me Vodafone I have 4 devices on my account all in a poor reception area.  


Thank you in advance Rob

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4: Newbie
Nobody about tonight ??
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17: Community Champion

Hi bobbo,


If you post the serial number of your SureSignal box one of the Tech Team can request  it be reset from their end thus allowing you to register it.


They answer posts ona  first come first server basis and aim to get answered in 24 hour so sit tight and they will get this sorted for you.


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4: Newbie
Thanks the serial number is 21230810414.

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4: Newbie
Any luck on the reset ?
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Moderator (Retired)

Hi Bobbo,


I have taken a look at the Sure signal serial number that you have provided and can see that it has not been deregistered and is now showing as suspended.


Unfortunately we are unable to assist you with your issue on this instance and I would advise you to contact the previous owner again for a refund if possible.




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