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Vodafone Sure Signal

BT home hub 6 port forwarding for Sure Signal 3

2: Seeker


I have a Vodafone sure signal 3 with a steady red power light and a blinking internet light. Other two lights are off.


I tried the reset and waited for upto 6 hours without any joy. Vodafone support tried to do a factory reset but got back saying that the BT router settings needs to be changed.  In their own words, "You will have to contact BT and ask them to open the below ports numbers for your router.
Port numbers:
Range: 33434 - 33445"

I stumbled upon another question in this forum where they had the following suggestion.



Manually configure your router to allow port-forwarding.
In most cases, routers support a system called Universal Plug-n-Play (UPnP), which sets up port-forwarding for you automatically. If you’ve got a complicated network setup, or a complex router, you may need to enter these settings manually.

Please see the following for a list of port numbers and IP addresses that need to be forwarded to your Sure Signal's internal IP address. For instructions on how to do this, we recommend you contact your ISP or Router Manufacturer, or refer to the default guide for your particular make and model, over at


Ports and Protocols:

  • 8 – TCP/UDP                 (All routers)
  • 50 – TCP/UDP               (All routers)
  • 53 – TCP/UDP               (Virgin Super Hubs)
  • 67 – UDP                      (Virgin Super Hubs)                                                    
  • 68 – UDP                      (Virgin Super Hubs)                                        
  • 123 – UDP                    (All routers)     
  • 500 – UDP                    (All routers)     
  • 1723 – TCP/UDP           (BT Home Hubs)          
  • 4500 – UDP                   (All routers)     
  • 33434 – 33445 – UDP    (Virgin Super Hubs)


Destination IP Addresses:



Your router also needs to assign the Sure Signal with a DNS (Domain Name Server) address via DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)."


So, I am trying to do the setup on BT smart hub manager. The port forwarding page requires the following details.

1. Rule name

2. Ip address (lists only the devices connected to the router)

3. External ports - start (port number)

4. External ports - end (port number)

5. Internal ports - start (port number)

6. Internal ports - end (port number)

7. Protocol (TCP, UDP, TCP/UDP)


With ip address listing only the devices connected to the router, I won't be able to add the destination addresses listed above.


Please can you explain how the details provided by vodafone support could be translated to the port forwarding settings on BT smart hub manager?




@mattdamon - Please speak to your Internet Service Provider and they'll assist with the port forwarding. Once you've done this if you need any further help, please let us know. 

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