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Vodafone Sure Signal

Can't add new user to Sure Signal

4: Newbie

I again am unable to add a new user to my sure signal box. Could somebody help me with this please. I talked to an adviser online and reassured me the number I requested had been added. No it hadn't been... Why is it so difficult to do this??!!  It has always been an issue with the SS all these years and still hasn't been solved... I keep getting this error message: 

Sorry, there seems to be a problem.

We're working hard to fix the issue, so please try again later.: 500, 2011 - [Error ref 1w0]

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2: Seeker

I have the same problem. 

been trying for months now. Added the first number, but unable to add others. 


Everytime i call (or chat) the customer support, i am always told that they added the numbers, but they never do. 


C'mon Vodafone, i think you can fix this!!



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Hi @matekaneve I'm sorry to hear that you're struggling to add a user to your Sure Signal box! I'd recommend checking out this video for a step by step guide on adding and removing users. If you're still experiencing problems after this, please feel free to drop our lovely Social Media team a message here, and we'll take a closer look into this for you. 

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