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Vodafone Sure Signal

Cannot reach Vodafone servers

2: Seeker

Broadband signal fine, but cannot ping - it just times out and tracert starts OK but also times out after 9 hops.


No changes to environment.  Power cycling Sure Signal makes no difference.  Rebooting router makes no difference.  Broadband performing perfectly otherwise.


Static IP

Download Speed: 2.25Mbps

Upload Speed: 0.59Mbps

Ping: 47ms

Jitter: 24ms

Sure Signal Serial No.: 42152236925


It has been unchanged for several hours now.  My other Sure Signal is working normally.  Please help!

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@sebh007 - The problem here could simply be that you’re trying to use two Sure Signals.


If they’re close and within each other’s range, this can cause problems. Any updates sent by us to your router, will often only be forwarded onto 1 of the devices.


The same can happen the other way round too – so when they’re both trying to connect, only 1 will make it to our servers.


I’m afraid we can’t guarantee that the second Sure Signal will work, whilst in the same area as the first.

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2: Seeker

That would be true if they weren't on different landlines and using different routers, but as it is, they are and so the issue doesn't arise!  Happily there are problems enough with getting coverage without the config that you suggest adding to it!

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I've processed a resync of your Sure Signal. Please wait 6 hours, then reset the device. 


Let us know how you get on. 

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2: Seeker

Thank you very much.  I didn't even need to restart the unit.  It came good all by itself.

Thanks again - much appreciated.

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@sebh007 Glad to hear everything's up and running for you now Smiley Happy


If there's anything else we can help with, please let us know.

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