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Vodafone Sure Signal

Charged for Sure Signal (replaced under warranty) when told would be free

4: Newbie

Last month Sure Signal V3 packed up, no lights,

As usual only last around the 2 year mark (had 6 or 7 over the years). get use to spending £60 or £70 even few years (or less). My account is like a graveyard of SS's that have been disconnected, I have yet to find a way to remove.


Anyway phoned & to my surprised after giving serial number they said just in warranty, will send a new one.

I said do I need to send old one back, told no. I guess they could tell if you were lying & used again from the activation.

Absolutely 100% clear it was a free warranty replacement.


Looked at my bill today £78. "One Off Charge". No hint of what it might be. Wonder why it did not show what it was for. ID 123129381203812380.. very helpful.

I phoned & told it was for a SS.

I explained that it was a warranty, bit anxious as thought I might have thrown it away but did have so thought will all be fine as have serial.

Interrogated as to exactly when I phoned or Chatted ( I could not quite remember but pretty sure which day it was.

Were going to have to go over phone or chat records to confirm.

I gave them the serial again saying surely this would state its age & warranty status as before. Not good enough!

continued to question, when repaired etc. etc. I said not asked to send for repair.. "Oh"

At this point I rather lost it (not helpful I know but had already spent ALL morning on a VF Broadband issuse they had cocked up, chat, 1 minutes each line, hello, 1 min, what can I do you you, 1 min, I will help you with that, 1 min) Honestly 1 hour & 10 minues on a really simple query, of course in the end they say, you need to phone regarding that issue as I don't have access to the necessary processes. 


Been a VF customer with around 5 phones for 20+ years, £150 pm, if they can't get a manager to authorize £78 on what is clearly a genuine situation & questioning my integrity. Anyway really am moving anything I have to do with VF elsewhere, just signed up VF BB thankfully cooling off period.  All 5 phones out of contract so goodbye, the thing is I know they won't care.


I know they have procedures and guess some take advantage but this must be broken or it would show up if ever used.




In the end I actually bought another one from a shop that same day as week end and really needed signal, banking confirmation & actually hrmc etc. I thought handy as a spare then.

Of course if VF actually had a half decent signal anywhere this would not be necessary or implement Wifi calling properley (i.e. SMS) but perhaps in the 22nd centuary they may start to oeprate like a 21st Centuary tech company but I doubt it.




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We'll be happy to take a look into this Sure Signal charge for you @bignose2 - if you've been told it would be replaced under warranty, it certaibly should be.

You can get in touch with us here on the Social Media team via Facebook or Twitter. Find out how to get in touch here. Make sure to pop your username and link to this thread in your message too, this will save you having to explain again and we can help you quicker. 

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