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Vodafone Sure Signal

Error 500, 2011 Trying to Add New User

2: Seeker

I have a Sure Signal (Serial number 42173108723) registered to my account and working well with both my Vodafone number and another.

However, I cannot add a third number, recently ported from Talk Mobile. Trying to do so gives the error 500, 2011.

This issue was first escalated a week or so ago on Live Chat. A very friendly operator suggested it would be resolved in 24 hours, but unfortunately still no solution.

It seems that this is a very common problem and the root cause doesn't seem to be getting addressed.

Thanks for any assistance.

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2: Seeker

Similar problem here. Seems very common and as usual, Vodofone dont care. Carphone Warehouse advised me to switch to another provider..............

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@Graham7799 @martybob We do care and we'd like to get this resolved for you both. 

As we'll need to access account specific information, I've sent you both a separate private message, with details on how to get in touch with our team directly. 

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