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Vodafone Sure Signal

Flashing Red Light and 2 Steady Orange Light

2: Seeker

Please find below my template 

I have 2 VSS devices with Flashing Red Light and 2 Steady Orange Light 


The results of a traceroute.


tracert result.png

Your speed test results from: Ping ms 74 Download Mbps 3.18 Upload Mbps

Your external IP address from:

Your Sure Signal serial number:  40134619721 and 42170123402





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Hey there @francisokoro, I'm sure we can help with getting your Sure Signal back up and running - Since you've said the first light (Red) is flashing, there could be an issue with the physical connection of the Sure Signal. Have you got another Ethernet cable you could use (make sure to always use Port 1)?

Also, I've advise having a look at our Sure Signal troubleshooting steps here

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