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Vodafone Sure Signal

How do I check when my Sure Signal was last used?

2: Seeker

How do I check when my Sure Signal was last used?


Is there a sign-in page or something of this nature?


Any help much appreciated. Thank you.

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17: Community Champion

Hello @Maggie49



Is there something not right with your SS ?


There is a Dashboard that a person can log into via your online myvodafone you will see a list of the numbers on your phone account in the middle of the page. Tap on any of them. On the left there will be an option "manage services". Click that and you will see the Sure Signal dashboard link on the left.


If a Sure Signal hasn't been used for over 3 months then Vodafone may place a bar on it which is removable via Customer Services on 191 or Live Chat. 


If a Sure Signal hasn't been used for over 12 months then a permanent bar can be placed on it. 


Link > My-Sure-Signal-has-stopped-working-what-should-I-do.




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2: Seeker

Yes, I am afraid there is a big problem.


The Sure Signal device has been in use since 2011, as we live in an area poorly served by Vodafone. According to the lights on the device, it is working fine. Recently however, both my husband and I noticed that neither of our phones were receiving any kind of signal benefit from the Sure Signal device.


To be honest, I am disappointed to note that since 2011, Vodafone have made no attempt to increase the coverage in our area. The reported available coverage from the Vodafone site for our area (apparently 4G indoors & outdoors) is utter nonsense. We are not even on the cusp of lower coverage area. (see attached screenshot)


The truth is, inside the majority of our property, there is emergency only signal. Outside the property, we can only receive 3G, and not even full bars.


Regarding the device itself, it has never knowingly been switched off. Therefore, it should not have been deregistered at any time. The longest it would have not been in use would be approximately three weeks at a time while we were out of the country.


I read in the T&Cs that Vodafone are supposed to notify me if they are planning to deregister the Sure Signal device. Upon searching my entire email account (the only one I've used since registering the Sure Signal Device), there has been no contact from Vodafone to suggest any action was imminent.


I have to say at this point, if I find out that the device was deregistered by Vodafone without any notification and is no longer valid, I will be asking Vodafone to provide a new device as a courtesy for their error. If Vodafone are guilty and are not willing to resolve this issue, then my husband and I will be removing our business from Vodafone entirely.

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I've sent you a private message with details on how to get in touch.


For anyone else with the same issue, try the steps listed here and if you’re still affected, contact customer service.


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2: Seeker
Thank you. We've just decided to cancel and go with another provider who we know has a decent 4G signal at our property.

It's very sad to be left with the overwhelming feeling that Vodafone think we should all know about and be able to manage technical workarounds to fix what are elementary problems.

Appreciate your reply. Thanks.
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That's not good to hear @Maggie49


We'd love to help get this sorted. 


If you change your mind, please get in touch as @Dane_B has mentioned in his private message.



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