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Vodafone Sure Signal

Multiple Sure Signal

2: Seeker

I live in a poor signal area, and intend to buy a SS V3 for my house.

Unfortunately, my parents' house is likewise in a poor signal area.

I'd like to buy another SS to set up at their house, so that I can use my mobile when I'm there.

Will this work?

Can I register my mobile with 2 different SS at 2 different addresses? These addresses will be on different internet connections/service providers.


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17: Community Champion

Hi @pintosal 


There won't be any problems having two Sure Signals registered against your account at separate addresses on different ISP's and connections.


The only things you will need to do is to register the Sure Signal devices against your account in the usual way and add the phones.


Your other alternative is as always WiFi calling with an eligible plan and supported phone.



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