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Vodafone Sure Signal

New VSS3

2: Seeker

I have an unusual (maybe not depending on the number of meetoos) question

My old VSS3 was working fine with the set up here at home. It died. 
Without changing anything I replaced the VSS3 with a brand new one and it wont connect. Red light (#1) OK and #2 light just flashing white.

It has been registered with VF and numbers added to the new serial number etc so why will it not connect...

I have spoken to Live Support and they have confirmed it it registered etc and just needs 24 hours but it has had 72 hours now and is driving me crazy.
I have opened up the ports (didnt need it before so why should it now) and still nothing

I have read that an MTU of 1500 fixed someone elses problem but the ASUS DSL-AC68U does not respond in TELNET to nvram get wan_mtu



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I'm sorry to hear you're struggling to connect to your new Sure Signal @User200419. For more help with this, please see the steps advised in our troubleshooting guide. If the initial steps don't resolve this, please complete the template under the Issue not listed heading.

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2: Seeker

The NEW Sure Signal needs to initalise the very first time it connects to VF home. It was unable to do this via the ASUS DSL-AC68U or the BT HomeHub5 so I went to a friends house and plugged in to his ADSL Post Office router and within a minute it was up and running.

Then moving the VSS3 back to my home it connected immediately to the DSL-AC68U and BT Infinity 2 and is working. Without opening any ports or any editing of the modem.
I read only in one place that the very first time a VSS3 connects to home base it needs something that modern modems dont seem to be able to provide.

Vodafone Support - you might like to investgate further this issue as VSS3 #1 three years ago exhibited the same problem with BT HH5 and ADSL and I ended up using an old Netgear modem to get it started and then it worked fine for three years via the HH5. Lots of other people seem to have this initialisation problem....


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