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Vodafone Sure Signal

No Signal after moving

2: Seeker

I have just moved house to a new county (from Surrey to Wiltshire) and I have changed my postcode in the sure signal dashboard.


However, when I connect my sure signal and it has registered itself on the network (after about 2 hours) I get "no signal" on my iPhone 4s (it was working OK before).


I have disconnected the sure signal (I get some signal at my new address) but now I am getting texts from vodafone saying that I need to change the postcode.


I checked last night that the postcode that is registered is correct (it is) so I tried connecting the sure signal again but got "no signal" on my phone again.


Any ideas?

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Moderator (Retired)

Hi SteveRose,


So that we can take a look at this for you please can you let me know the Sure Signal serial number?


Once we have this we will be able to look at updating the location profile manually for you.



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2: Seeker

Hi James


Serial Number is: 40114509165



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Hi SteveRose


Thank you for your post and the serial number.:smileyhappy:


I have checked and can see that it has been over a week since your last connection so I have re-synched this for you, please perform a factory reset and let me know how you get on after 24 hours.


Many Thanks



eForum Team

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