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Vodafone Sure Signal

No signal - using EE 4G - TP Link MR200 Router

1: Seeker

Hi Guys,


I live in an area with 0.5mbs boradband - as a result not using it and have opted to use 4G EE with a TP Link MR200 router. This giving me c. 30mbs - which im happy with


To gain a Vodafone signal I have brought a Sure Signal V3 plug (I know it states to use standard broadband - but due to speeds, this isnt an option)


All registed online fine, however the Red light stays permanent and the next light continues to flash - with no activation...


Ive googled around and cant find a solution - I think its because all the ports on EE 4G are blocked?


Ive tried opening this etc etc - but with the best will in the world if EE wont allow it, no changes in the router will help!


Surely there must be a work around? I have 2 Vodafone mobiles that I need to use - I dont want to switch network, but dont have much choice!


Also, as an alternative - has anyone used these before:


Look forward to hearing back!


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@dpwaddell We'll be happy to look into this for you and see what can be done. 

Please complete our Sure Signal troubleshooting guide and post your answers in a reply on this thread. 

If you can't see your query in the initial steps, please click 'Issue not listed?' and it'll take you the required questions.

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