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Vodafone Sure Signal

Phone only connects to SS on reboot

2: Seeker


I have a Sure Signal (serial 43172950156) that has three phones registered to use it.  The Sure Signal is installed at home because there is very poor Vodafone signal there.


When the phone is taken away from home to a strong signal area all is well; however, when I return home it won't connect to the Sure Signal automatically.  No matter how long I leave it, the phone has a "no signal" indicator and is unusable.  The only way to get a connection to the Sure Signal is to reboot the phone, and then it connects straight away and works fine!


The phone is a generic Android handset (Samsung XCOVER 3) on a corporate contract.


Any suggestions about how I can convince the phone / Sure Signal to talk to each other when I get home without requiring a reboot?

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Hi @tpellison, with the other phones automatically reconnecting to the Sure Signal, it sounds like this particular phone is just needing to be forced to connect to it. By turning the phone off and on, this is manually refreshing it onto the Sure Signal. You may find that switching it to airplane mode for a few seconds will also help to reconnect it to the device. 

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