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Vodafone Sure Signal

Phone sure signal registered with not working

4: Newbie

The number that my sure signal is registered with has stopped working in the last week  


Sure signal is working and so are other phones I have registered. I have deregistered the VSS but no difference. Just the main number is the problem.


Any ideas? 






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That's strange @lbichard, if the other phones are connecting with no problem, it sounds like the Sure Signal is working fine.

If you've changed phone or SIM being used with the number struggling to connect, this can cause the problem you're experiencing. To resolve this, you'll have to remove and re-add this number.

As you've advised it's the main number on the account that is struggling to connect, you'll need to change the owner number to another one linked to the Sure Signal. Once this has complete, you'll be able to disconnect and re-connect your number. Our troubleshooting guide contains instructions on how to do all the steps involved.


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4: Newbie

Hi - the number is the main number and I'm the owner


It has worked for the last 5 years and I have not swapped the SIM for 12months





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4: Newbie

Also, I have deregistered and registered the VSS twice



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