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Vodafone Sure Signal

Phones no longer connect to SureSignal v3

4: Newbie

Phones used to connect to SureSignal v3 - working for over a year. It was plugged and unplugged and now no phones connect.

My Vodafone shows it is 'active' and has all the phones on it. I have FTTH so 50MB up and down.

Trace route works fine.

I can see it is successfully connected on port 4500 to

Lights are:

1 Solid RED

2 Solid WHITE

3 Solid WHITE

4 nothing


Any ideas anyone? 



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4: Newbie

Spent an hour on 'Live Chat' with Vodafone. Everything looks fine from their end, and mine too. Just no 3G.

Reset the Sure Signal as requested. Still doesn't work.

(Basically did an "IT Crowd" turn it off and on again!)

1 Solid red

2 Solid white

3 Solid white

4 nothing

Why is the Sure Signal so mysterious, unreliable and flaky?

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4: Newbie

** Forget that. Its all stopped working again. Oh sheeez what a pile of &^$%£% **



Before I went to bed I unregistered the Sure Signal, and then re-registered it.

Added the three phones back, and went to bed.


This morning the magic elves had been doing their work and its working again. 


I just wish Vodafone could explain better how this all works as it seems such a mystery to everyone else. Obviously they understand it completely.

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2: Seeker

My SureSignal 3 has been playing up all week, was in contact with support and they said to return it to a shop to check it out. However as others are saying it is coming and going as to when it works this week. I have seen this before, is it a Vodafone issue?

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4: Newbie

It really is so very flaky.

I am sure its application/network related. Hardware generally works or not.

This works sometimes! Their solution has always been pants - I wish there was an alternative

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@stinky_bob I'm glad to hear your Sure Signal is back up and running. Thanks for taking the time to let us know 😊

@CJPF Are you still experiencing problems with your Sure Signal? If so, please complete our troubleshooting guide

If your problem isn't on the list, please go to 'Issue not listed?' where you'll find a template. 

Please paste the answers to the questions on a post on this thread and we'll investigate it for you. 

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