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Vodafone Sure Signal

SURESIGNAL 3 failing to connect

2: Seeker


My suresignal 3 hasnt worked all week. I first tried calling up and was told to reset but still didnt work. Then online chat and they reset it and still didnt work. Today another online chat and they assured me they had fixed it but still doesnt work. 

Basically after reseting I have solid red light and flashing white internet for an hour or so then flashing red with solid amber internet and user lights. It doesnt seem to be able to get beyond these..

Can anyone please help...??


serial no 42144732668


ping 31

download 27

upload 3.8


suresignal is connected via ethernet into apple router..




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6: Helper

Hey @surepain1


If the Sure-signal only got reset today, it can take upto 6 hours. Also make sure all the correct ports are open.


Turn both router and SS completely off, then turn back on, sometimes they just need reconnect with each other.

Also, check your phone line doesnt have any nosie of static on the line, as this can affect the SS.






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2: Seeker

thanks Ned- its been around 9 hrs now - i tried turning both off yesterday after it wasnt working then will try again now..

would you mind explaining making sure correct ports are open..bit too techy for me.!


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6: Helper

Hi @surepain1

If you can follow these steps, see how you get on.



1. Vodafone sure signal Service is only guaranteed on a PPPoA internet connection type.

2. Required internet specs of download speed 1 Mbps, upload speed 0.35 Mbps 300 Kbps , You can test your internet speed and confirm it using

3. Ensure that your Sure Signal device is assigned to an internal permanent static IP address on your router s settings and that IP address should be assigned to Sure Signal device s MAC address the sure signal MAC address is written on the back of the sure signal device

4. The maximum connection MTU size to guarantee the connection is 1500 5. The below is!
a list of ports required to be forwarded with their proper protocol types 8 TCP UDP 50 TCP UDP 53 TCP UDP 67 UDP 68 UDP 123 UDP 500 UDP 1723 TCP UDP 4500 UDP 33434 - 33445 UDP

6. Finally to allow all ports on the firewall settings on the internet router.


Also make sure you are able to see the port open

Make sure the firewall is not blocking anything.




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2: Seeker

Thanks very much for all the info.! 

1. I seemed to be connected on a PPPoE is that the same.?

2. Internet speed fine..

3. A bit stuck here- I'm on an airport extreme router and have gone into airport utility -as much as I search I can't find where I would assign IP addresses.?

4. How do I forward a port.?

6. Not sure if I have a firewall..


sorry for all the questions..I should add it was all working perfectly fine for a year or so until last week..

Today having tried turning everything on and off it is showing the same old light sequence..



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