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Vodafone Sure Signal

Sure Signal 2 not working with DSL-2780

2: Seeker



I have been struggling for a couple of weeks now to get my new Sure Signal 2 working.  Currently the phone connects okay to the Sure Signal 2 as the signal bars are at the maximum but I cannot make outgoing calls ?  I have tested the Suer Signal 2 box in another house which has a BT Homehub 2A and it seems to work okay which suggests some sort of compatibility issue with the DSL-2780 Hub ?


I have trawled the forum but have not found anything that seems to answer the question.


The key details are as follows:


Mobile: Blackberry 9900

ISP: Talk Talk

Router: D-Link DSL-2780


Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated !


Many Thanks,


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8: Helper

Can you post the following results to this thread?


Speedtest and Pingtest


Your IP address.




  • On a PC / Laptop :
  • Click on Start and select Run
  • Type CMD into the Run box and press enter/click ok
  • A black box will appear.
  • In this box type tracert press Enter
  • Paste the output of this command into your reply.


And finally, your VSS serial number.

The tech guys will pick up your case asoon as they can, but they need this info.

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2: Seeker

okay will do.


Thank you

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Moderator (Retired)

Hi davejg,


Can you confirm if the issue you have is only with you making calls from the Sure Signal and you can receive calls with no issues whilst connected to the Sur eIsgnal?


If it is only outgoing calls that is causing an issue then we will need to check the service area code (SAC) that you are set up against.


So we can do this I have sent you a quick PM, please follow the instructions on the PM and one of the team will be able to get this checked for you.


You can find your PM inbox here.


If your issue is with inbound and outbound calls, please provide the details requested by boe32 and we will continue to troubleshoot your issue on the eForum.



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2: Seeker

Resolved !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This was not a hub compatibility issue but was down to the SAC code assigned to the Sure Signal box not being set up correctly for my location.  The vodafone tech team identified this got it corrected (which took about 72 hours) I then reset the box and all now seems to be fine.


Many thanks to the team for resolving this.



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