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Vodafone Sure Signal

Sure Signal 3 not transmitting/ signal being picked up

2: Seeker

The issue you’re experiencing:  Phones not picking up Sure Signal's 3G signal - despite multiple re-sets of Sure Signal and multiple re-starts of phones. Unit seems quite hot.  Not transmitting?


What light sequence you're seeing:    3 lights on 

Your speed test results from here.      22.62Mbps
Your external IP address from here.

Your Sure Signal serial number:     E04136168857     Model  9361 Home Cell p3.0



Some time later:


 No replies but found earlier message (below) and that course of action seemed to sort it.:

Howard6162 2: Seeker
‎06-07-2018 08:20 AM
Re: Latest Suresignal - no telephone signal since yesterday
Thanks for response. This particular failure takes you down the route of telephone/chat support whose standard response is they will refer it to the Suresignal team and expect five working days to fix.


I fixed it by following another post as follows:

1) Unplug it for a couple of hours.

2) Plug in while holding reset button for 45 seconds.

3) Reconnect LAN.





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@RoryDTAS Please fill out the Sure Signal template in full and post your results back here. 

When it mentions the light sequence, please let us know what colour each light is and if it's constant or flashing. 

I've also been unable to find your device with the serial number provided, please double check this 🙂


Edited - Looks like I replied at the same time you edited your message! I'm glad to see it's now working for you. 

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