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Vodafone Sure Signal

Sure Signal 3 stopped working if router dns servers set to google (

4: Newbie

I've had Sure Signals for over 10 years.


My current setup is a Sure Signal 3 which stopped working about 10 days ago ( power light on and second and third  led orange )


After days of trouble shooting and lengthy phone calls to Vodafone and my service provider (BT) who each blamed each other, I finally by chance discovered the cause of the problem but not yet the reason.


We have had the DNS settings in our router set to googles servers and and this has worked fine for about 3 years until about 10 days ago.


If I set the DNS to BT servers the Sure Signal springs back to life and registers on the Vodafone network. Switching the DNS back again causes it to fail.


Anyone here have an explanation or any ideas ? Speaking to Vodafone 191 has been a complete and frustrating waste of time.






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3: Seeker

@pappin does it work if you use IBM/PCH/GCA's ( I find this a very good DNS.

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