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Vodafone Sure Signal

Sure Signal Globe Flashing Solid Red Light

2: Seeker

Hi there,

Our sure signal has been working flawlessly for the last year and suddenly overnight it is no longer working. It's constantly showing the flashing white globe with a solid red light. Nothing has changed with our broadband. Why is this the case?




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17: Community Champion

Hi @iliketrainz98 


There might be some help in this Vodafone Troubleshooting Thread that holds tips and help.


It has an Issue Not Listed option that allows a person to run a Traceroute which then can be pasted back into your thread here and then the Vodafone Social Media Teams can take a look.

The Vodafone Social Media Teams and or Live Chat can also check your account at their end to see if a Re Sync of your Sure Signal is needed.

Live Chat.  

Contact-us-for-account-specific-queries. Vodafone Social Media Teams.  

On a side note....

From 1 July 19 the terms and conditions for Sure Signal changed. For any customer buying a Sure Signal from this date onwards, the warranty on the device and the guarantee of service has moved from two years to one year.

Sure Signal will no longer be available for purchase from 30 April 2020 but Vodafone will replace a SS that is still under warranty as far as I'm aware. 

They have done this because the Sure Signal is seen as old tech as it uses 3G however as many only still get 3G I personally do not see 3G as an older type of connection but that's my personal opinion, and so and now Vodafone have moved towards Calling Over WiFi for eligible phones and tariffs but at the moment this feature does not support texting.

Sure Signals may still be available by buying them privately from selling sites but please ensure the original owner has properly de registered the Sure Signal. And if a Sure Signal has not been used for 3 months + it can be temporarily barred from the network.

If not used for 12+ months then it's permanently barred and will not work again.


🌈 Stay Safe  🌈 




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